Prehab & Rehab


At Physio Consult we try to provide you with a solid understanding of the body as a functional system and teach you how to deliberately implement this knowledge in your training and everyday life – to let your body do the job it is made to do, keeping you agile and injury free on the go.

Doing so you will often experience that I actively stear clear of some very classic and well “testet” exercises, asking you NOT to implement them in your training momentarily or even ever again.

Some well known and often used exercises might offer you muscle growth on one hand but acts as a huge stressor for some structures in your body one the other hand – often leading to injuries that keeps you away from your training or forces you to turn in sick with back pain ect.

Identifying what suits exactly you and when your are truly ready to engage in those exercises takes a skilled and experienced coach eye – at Physio Consult I strive to offer you those eyes by monitoring your training and progress in a safe and meaningful way.


With years of experience in the health care system as a physiotherapist my experience is, that a proper rehab is not possible within the frames of the health care system. The rehab exercises might be good but ends way too soon, with too low intensity compared to real life activities and are way too unspecific compared to what you wish to do with your body.

Leaving the “rehabilitated” patient with a feeling of NOT being rehabilitated and NOT being ready for a given sport or even everyday activities – leading to re-injury or other issues related to a body in imbalance.

Some studies shows that the lack of proper rehabilitation from even “minor” injuries in some cases causes wear and tear on spine and joints otherwise not related to the first injury – unresolved potentially leading to premature “aging” of the body resulting in lower quality of life due to a weak physique. In extreme cases it is indirectly responsible for a shorter life time expectancy.

In most cases there is a “simple” solution – keep your body as a whole working as it is supposed to. With sufficient mobility, muscle strength and the ability to perform the basic movement patterns with sufficient quality.

This goes for everyone, young and old, injured or not, it is never too late no matter starting point.

At Physio Consult I aim to combine the best from two worlds (bringing the gab between…) – hard and efficient exercises that brings you in shape, but within your limitations caused by a given injury or technical abilities. Slowly but surely supporting exercises, yes the boring stuff from the physiotherapist, eliminates your issues as factors effecting your physique, opening your new potential – with hard work and patience soon we will be able to expand training your training including high demanding exercises performed with the highest amount of quality, maximizing your results.

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