Soft Tissue Mobilisation

“It´s not wellness but it´s efficient…”

Soft tissue treatment, or “massage”, to prepare your muscles for mobility exercises is most often a fundamental pillar in solving movement-related issues or simply to prepare you for exercises on a high technical level, which will be on our agenda creating an efficient training routine for you.

To maximize the effect of our mobility work the so-called IASTM (Instrumental Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) plays a central role. IASTM…what? In layman terms, it is called massage, but a certain kind and with certain tools.

As certified Physiotherapist, we often experience that the word “massage” associates to “Wellness” – massage in a wellness context is all good, but it just doesn’t do the trick when it comes to your physical development and progress.

Therefore at PhysioConsult you will get taught in Soft Tissue mobilization techniques targeting the most important muscle groups enabling you to carry out the mobility exercises in an efficient and healthy way.
It´s not wellness but it´s efficient.

And the best part: The most techniques are efficient self-treatment techniques and can (should) be carried out wherever you are, at home, in the office ect., without a therapist to do it for you.

With the right techniques, frequence and a bit of patience it will pave the road for your success.

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