Personal Training

Do you want to strengthen your body and prevent injuries? Or maybe you have recurring pain or injuries and need rehabilitation? Or do you look for a tailored program specifically for your sport?

As a certified physiotherapist with years of experience in the medical sector in Scandinavia and Germany and as a personal trainer for professional athletes I strive to reach maximum progress and performance without compromising your health.

Whether you are doing sport for the first time or is an experienced athlete, I strive to compose you an effective training program that builds on a solid foundation of modern knowledge leading you to sustainable results.

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At PhysioConsult it is my goal to lead you towards your fitness goal in an efficient and safe way, making sure that your progress builds on a solid foundation of modern knowledge and training methods.

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Prehab & Rehab

“Fix what will become broken…before it break”


At Physio Consult your body is seen as a functional whole and the solutions offered is meant to help your body as a whole – meaning I try to steer clear of some classic mistakes in programs and exercises that might strengthen specific muscles, but ultimately leads to a dysfunctional body prone to tear and injury.

As with your teeth getting preventive treatment by the dentist, your body as a whole deserves the same attention.


All too often patients suffering various injuries are sent home from the health care system labeled “rehabilitated” – the “job” is done and you can start with your life again. In reality it´s seldom so.

At Physio Consult together we try to start over with fresh eyes on your situation, thorough testing and a goal of restoring your confidence and feel of security in the sport or activities that are most important to you – carrying on until you feel truly rehabilitated.

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Tests & Diagnostic

Even a blind Chicken finds Corn…”

Physical Baseline Evaluation

Every exercise can make you sweat. But physical training based on a thorough personal Physical Baseline Evaluation (PBE) ensures maximum output and efficiency. Instead of doing standardized exercises, that might make you stronger short term, your PBE test results will guide us in finding the exercises you get the most of – to get stronger, more skilled and staying healthy, achieving a body in balance.

At PhysioConsults I strive to establish facts and lay out the framework before we apply the solution – no one size fits all.

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How I work

“Assumptions is the mother of all fuckups…”
Ex. Navy Seal Soldier

Most people are not aiming for the special forces, but with a methodical approach, I strongly believe that we achieve the best and most sustainable results, therefore our training always follows a certain structure containing a range of essential aspects.

  1. Check-Up
  2. Analysis and testing
  3. Training Plan
  4. Training Start
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