How I work

1. Check-Up

As a start, a detailed Anamnese is made, meant to reveal obvious as well as not so obvious factors that could influence your goal and progress. Your personal wishes and goals relating to our work will be determined.

2. Analysis and testing

As an essential aid for your progress a PBE (Physical Baseline Evaluation) will be made, determining if you already have the basic physical foundation to build your future training on – if we establish weak links, corrective exercises will become an important sub-part of your training routine until the issue is under control. In your main program, we will try to work around the weak links to avoid injury and dysfunctional motor learning.

Video-analysis, FMS Screenings (Functional Movement Screen) and RTA Protocols (Return To Sport) will be applied if need be to monitor your progress.

3. Training plan

Based on your personal wishes, goals for your training and the PBE I will walk you through a personalized training plan designed to take your specific needs into account.

The training is structured around basic and natural movement patterns meant to support the function of your body – leading to a balanced training and a body working as it is meant to physiologically.

Based on your progress the plan will be revised along the way. With my experience in training professional athletes as well as regular patients in the clinic, I always look for the sweet spot between mastery of skill and failure. Meaning we seek the limits of your personal abilities, no matter starting point, without overstepping the line – to foster the greatest physical progress with the least risk of injury, leading to lasting results. Sustainability!

4. Training start

When the testing is done and the Baseline set, the training begins. It will be challenging, tough and hopefully fun as well – as well as something to integrate when a personal trainer is not looking.

We naturally expect a great deal of motivation from your side, you will get plenty from my site – together we get the most of it working towards your goal.

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